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Remote or face to face,
a GlobStrat Business Game will fit your needs

You are a Professor willing to associate a Business Game to your Strategic Management course or to your next Top Management seminar.

One of our business games will fit your needs.

Have a look over this pages.

You are a registered participant,
or a GlobStrat
looking for your Business Game.

You are a new participant, go to the Access page, or create your account:

You are an Executive,
willing to facilitate one of your next Managers' meeting with a Team Building Business Game.

GlobStrat Business Games are Team Building oriented and will take only a few hours in your Managers' meeting.

Have a look over our Executives ' page.

You are a Teacher, willing to become a GlobStrat instructor,

the Instructors page is made for you.


GlobStrat Business Games: several levels of strategic complexity

You are the Director of a Management Training Program, willing to associate a Business Game to one of your programs:

  • MBAs,

  • Junior Managers training programs,

  • High Potentials Management training programs ...

One of our GlobStrat Business Games will fit your training needs in 1, 2 or 3 days, or a week in a hybrid design, or over a semester with students.

Have a look over our Training Value page and our references.

Adopt GlobStrat Business Game and join a club of prestigious Universities and Multinationals who used our Business Strategy simulations, for their students or their Managers.

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