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GlobStrat Business Game Training Value

GlobStrat Business Game:

a winning Value Proposition

GlobStrat-Academy was created and is managed by teachers.
 We know what teaching means!
Our ambition is to provide GlobStrat instructors with an
efficient training tool, generating a high pedagogical value:
Fun & fruitful learning experience for participants,
Successful & hassle-free experience for instructors,
   ► Strong contribution to the
reputation of the course and of the Institution.

Globstrat winning value proposition.png

To that end, GlobStrat Business Game was designed to be:

  • A flexible solution, matching your training needs,

  • A turnkey solution, easy to deploy, AoL,

  • A successful solution, easy to debrief,

  • A solution acclaimed by participants, creating Value for your course and your institution.

Try GlobStrat Business Game, you will adopt it…  
More than 99 % of GlobStrat partners are loyal customers !

A flexible solution: version, agenda...

GlobStrat Business Games are very flexible and may be associated to a classical weekly on-site class, or to a one to three day(s) executive seminar, or to any blended or remote solution.

Choose you version among
4 levels of strategic complexity given your teaching objectives, students' level and available time, and then adjust the fine tuning of your simulation.

Three phases should be respected (introduction, decision rounds, final debriefing), but the process may be adapted to match Professors’ needs and constraints.

The simulation agenda is yours:

Introduction Lecture

or Video presentations

Globstrat demo in class

or Video tutorials on line

0 to 2 practice rounds, in class or on line

4 to 8 rounds:

 . Teamwork in class or on a distance:

 . 4 rounds optimally (Service version)

 . 6 rounds optimally in the other versions

Final reports preparation (Home work)

Final Debriefing (Lecture or Webinar)

Planning set in your own local time:

 . starting decisions time 

 . decisions submitting time.

Your Agenda: from 8 to 20 hours of teaching
Flexible tool.png

Blended learning: GlobStrat Business Game modularity fits perfectly in a blended learning approach.
A part of this learning process can be organized on a distance, teamwork sessions for exemple.
Only introduction and final debriefing have to be made in class or in a webinar.

We recommend a short briefing (10’) each round, in class, or via a webinar.

Each round, computing is made easy: just a click for activating the computing process and in a few seconds you get the results on your screen for validation and publishing.

Turnkey Solution, easy to deploy, AoL

GlobStrat Business Games are entirely web-based, with zero installation, zero printing.
All you need is:
   ► an internet connection
   ► a standard browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc)

GlobStrat is multilingual:
English, French, & Spanish

Comprehensive documentation and Built-in training tools:
   ► User Guide, Instructor Manual,
Contextual on-line help for participants,
   ► Videos &
Tutorials available on line.

Business Game prioritizes:

  • Game learning and teamwork cooperation,

  • Participants’ interactions, versus computing,

  • Strategic thinking & exchanges between team members

  • Team concertation & cooperation vs individual work in silos.

Alliances and partnerships can be negotiated directly through the web.

Web 3.0.png

Instructor Training and Certification
Become a certified Instructor in a few hours, through a free customized training program.

24/7 Assistance
We offer 24/7 on-line assistance through email support,
No matter what, we'll be here for you.

Payment: on line credit card direct payment by students, or institution billing.

Participants’ evaluation (AoL) is made easy to instructors, via a students’ scorecard, integrating:

  • Performances’ evaluation,

  • Final Business Report evaluation,

  • User Guide understanding (Quiz),

  • Ability to elaborate a strategic diagnosis (Mini-cases Quiz),

  • Teamwork Peer evaluation.
    Every mark is weighted by the instructor.


Instructor’s Package and debriefing tool

Become a qualified instructor in a few hours only: c.f. instructors training and certification.

Instructors comprehensive Package:

▶ Guided Tour and tutorials available on line: 10’ modules
User Guide and instructor’s Manual download, on line,
Business Model canvas & on line contextual help for participants,

▶ Presentations (PPT) ready to go, for instructors,
▶ Unique Debriefing tool: Globstrat's signature.

Debriefing tool included:

In a few seconds, the instructor can select
graphs ready for a presentation, in order to give to participants the explanations they are waiting for:

Analysis of what happened in the industry: markets’ lifecycles, new intrants arrival, crisis, competitors leaderships or failures…

  • Comparative Analysis of the competitors’ Business Models.

  • Analysis, for each Business Model, of the competitive advantages & leaderships built  by  competitors, per customer target.

  • Analysis of the determinants of Value creation: leaderships, Profitability, Social & Environmental efficiency, Teamwork cooperation.

Debriefing canvas
Debriefing tool.png

During the presentation, call for students Business Reports. 

At the end of the session, publish your debriefing graphs on participants’ interface.

Acclaimed by participants, guaranteed Success!

GlobStrat Business Game generated outstanding evaluations by thousands of participants, students or executives, each year, due to several advantages:

   ► GlobStrat =
Learning by doing and gaming,
   ► GlobStrat is providing a
dynamic business environment where participants are immersed into a virtual,
        yet very realistic and interactive business environment. Have a look at the decision interface:

Interface GlobStrat.png

    Glob Strat business game

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