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 Value Proposition

What is GlobStrat Business Game?

  • ​​An online Business Game,
    so that participants can have fun and learn face to face
    or remotely or in a blended learning scenario.


  • A Global & Strategic (Glob'Strat) Simulation,
    for an efficient Strategic Management teaching,


  • An experiential learning process,
    to develop participants' managerial skills:

    • Holistic & strategic vision of a business,

    • Strategy definition & implementation,

    • Teamwork practicing & cooperation learning.

team building.png

A Strategic Management simulation

GlobStrat Business Game allows students and executives, to combine strategic management theory and practice, developing their ability to implement a business strategy over the long term, and assess the determinants of business success:
  • Strategy coherence,

  • Implementation alignment,

  • Teamwork efficiency & cooperation.

Given its Strategic Value & Training Value, and its academic cost, GlobStrat Business Game represents one of the best Value Propositions available on the web to teach Strategic Management or facilitate a Top Management meeting.

Join the Fortune 500 corporations & leading academic institutions (References) that already use GlobStrat Business Game in their Management training programs, in one of our 3 available languages: English, French, Spanish.

GlobStrat business game matches your training needs

GlobStrat Business Game is proposed, online, at 4 levels of strategic complexity, depending on the business complexity being simulated and on the required time for running the simulation, remotely or face to face:

team building (2).png

All versions of GlobStrat Business Games are designed for teaching Strategic Management and do include Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility options, but GlobStrat's breadth and depth can be easily configured to match specific training needs, given:   

  • Professors’ teaching objectives,

  • Participants’ level (from Bachelor to Master or MBA, or Executives),

  • Business Game positioning: from Program introduction… to conclusion.

  • Trainig mode: remote or face to face or blended...

  • Available time: from 8 to 20 hours or 1 day to 3 days.

Choose the Business Game version corresponding to your need and then adjust the fine tuning of your simulation through many available parameters: language, agenda, number of teams, number of practice rounds, number of rounds, number of quiz, participants' coaching tools…

 GlobStrat: 4 levels of strategic complexity...

4 complexity levels.jpeg

Discover the specificities of each GlobStrat Business Game 's complexity level, by displaying  <---->  the 4 different versions:

  • GlobStrat-Service (the simplest and only 8 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Business (with manufacturing, 12-15 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Corporate (with Alliances & Partnerships between competitors, 16-20 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Triple Bottom Line (with a Profit-People-Planet scorecard, 16-20 hours required)

GlobStrat's Performance evaluation

Whatever the complexity level of the simulation, GlobStrat enables 3 to 9 teams to compete in a global environment (EMEA, Americas, Asia-Pacific). Each team is responsible for defining its business strategy and implementing it over 4 to 8 years. Each round (year), the participants (3 to 6 per team) are taking and coordinating decisions concerning the different functions of the firm, in order to create Value. Each year, and at the end of the simulated time, GlobStrat evaluates the competitors’ performances through a Share Value, computed on the basis of 4 Value creation dimensions:

team building.jpeg

All GlobStrat versions do incorporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the decisions' options and in the Share Value evaluation, but GlobStrat_Triple Bottom Line is the first and only simulation integrating the alignment of People, Planet & Profit performances, via a specific Scorecard, in the evaluation of a Share(d) Value.

Ready to find out more?

GlobStrat's Strategic Value is unique.

The Strategic Value tab displays this differentiation value:

  • GlobStrat is a Strategic Management teaching tool,

  • GlobStrat generates a strategic learning process,

  • GlobStrat delivers a holistic view of the firm, the CEO view,

  • GlobStrat offers the largest range of strategic options,

  • GlobStrat's economic model is really strategic,

  • GlobStrat: strategic models & theories lying behind.

GlobStrat's Training Value is proved.

The Training Value tab displays this pedagogical value:

  • GlobStrat is a flexible solution: version, agenda...

  • GlobStrat is a turnkey solution, easy to deploy, AoL...

  • GlobStrat's instructor debriefing tool is unique,

  • GlobStrat offers a guaranteed success.

GlobStrat's Value Proposition is summarized in a 12' video available on line.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you are willing to learn more or to get a direct contact with Professor Daniel PAUL, the author of GlobStrat ...

    Glob Strat business game

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