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 Value Proposition

What is GlobStrat Business Game?

  • ​​An online Business Game,
    so that participants can have fun and learn face to face
    or remotely or in a blended learning scenario.


  • A Global & Strategic (Glob'Strat) Simulation,
    for an efficient Strategic Management teaching,


  • An experiential learning process,
    to develop participants' managerial skills:

    • Holistic & strategic vision of a business,

    • Strategy definition & implementation,

    • Teamwork practicing & cooperation learning.

A Strategic Management simulation

GlobStrat Business Game allows students and executives, to combine strategic management theory and practice, developing their ability to implement a business strategy over the long term, and assess the determinants of business success:
  • Strategy coherence,

  • Implementation alignment,

  • Teamwork efficiency & cooperation.

Given its Strategic Value & Training Value, and its academic cost, GlobStrat Business Game represents one of the best Value Propositions available on the web to teach Strategic Management or facilitate a Top Management meeting.

Join the Fortune 500 corporations & leading academic institutions (References) that already use GlobStrat Business Game in their Management training programs, in one of our 3 available languages: English, French, Spanish.

GlobStrat business game matches your training needs

GlobStrat Business Game is proposed, online, at 4 levels of strategic complexity, depending on the business complexity being simulated and on the required time for running the simulation, remotely or face to face:

All versions of GlobStrat Business Games are designed for teaching Strategic Management and do include Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility options, but GlobStrat's breadth and depth can be easily configured to match specific training needs, given:   

  • Professors’ teaching objectives,

  • Participants’ level (from Bachelor to Master or MBA, or Executives),

  • Business Game positioning: from Program introduction… to conclusion.

  • Trainig mode: remote or face to face or blended...

  • Available time: from 8 to 20 hours or 1 day to 3 days.

Choose the Business Game version corresponding to your need and then adjust the fine tuning of your simulation through many available parameters: language, agenda, number of teams, number of practice rounds, number of rounds, number of quiz, participants' coaching tools…

 GlobStrat: 4 levels of strategic complexity...

Discover the specificities of each GlobStrat Business Game 's complexity level, by displaying  <---->  the 4 different versions:

  • GlobStrat-Service (the simplest and only 8 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Business (with manufacturing, 12-15 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Corporate (with Alliances & Partnerships between competitors, 16-20 hours required)

  • GlobStrat-Triple Bottom Line (with a Profit-People-Planet scorecard, 16-20 hours required)

GlobStrat's Performance evaluation

All GlobStrat versions do incorporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the decisions' options and in the Share Value evaluation, but GlobStrat_Triple Bottom Line is the first and only simulation integrating the alignment of People, Planet & Profit performances, via a specific Scorecard, in the evaluation of a Share(d) Value.

Ready to find out more?

GlobStrat's Value Proposition is summarized in a 12' video available on line.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you are willing to learn more or to get a direct contact with Professor Daniel PAUL, the author of GlobStrat ...

GlobStrat Business Game

 Address: GlobStrat Academy (SAS)
                59 Avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris, France

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