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Strategic Value Proposition

GlobStrat: a Strategic Business Game focusing on:

  • Definition of the business’ strategy and redefinition of its Business Model.

  • Implementation of the strategy, over 4 to 8 years.

  • interactions between functions and decisions’ coordination.

  • Long range firm’s development and success, measured in terms of Value creation.

business training process.jpeg

GlobStrat business game generates a true Strategic Learning Process

GlobStrat Business Game trains participants to the implementation of a business strategy, generating a strategic learning process corresponding perfectly to the « Strategic Learning Process » defined by Professeur W. G. Pietersen, of Columbia University, in his model:

learning process.jpeg

The GlobStrat learning process is built on 3 learning loops:

  • An initial case analysis: strategic diagnosis, strategy definition, Business Model re-design.

  • A loop by round being played: situation analysis, strategic diagnosis, strategy adjustment, decisions,

  • A final debriefing loop: value creation analysis, strategy evaluation, assessment of the ability of the executive team to work efficiently, i.e. to generate Focus and Coherence, Alignment and Cooperation…

Holistic vision of the firm and of its environment

GlobStrat Business Game is a strategic simulation training participants to understand the interactions between the different functions of a firm, focusing on:

  • The specific approach of every function (roles) & the necessary coordination among them,

  • The difficulty to align them when implementing a business strategy,

  • The benefits obtained by an efficient and cooperative teamwork.

Holistic view of the firm.jpeg

Range of strategic options simulated by GlobStrat

business game

strategic options.jpeg

Value chain simulated in the Business Game:

  • Innovation: development of new products and new services,

  • Differentiation: Product Quality & Ecology, ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 Certifications

  • Supply Chain: choosing suppliers (+ negotiation in Corporate+)

  • Production: manufacturing capacity & Productivity (Business+)

  • Marketing: new markets, new customer segments, advertising, reputation

  • Sales: sales objectives, prices, services

  • HR: salaries, training & recruitment, staff benefits, social responsibility

  • Finance: capital increase, long term & short term loans, dividends, share value.

  • Negotiation: strategic alliances & partnerships (Corporate+)

  • ESG Governance: Triple Bottom Line scorecard (TBL+)

GlobStrat Business game economic model

The economic engine of GlobStrat Business Games are based on a long-term development logic. Its reactions do comply to the strategic rationality taught in the best strategy textbooks:

GlobStrat value creation process.jpeg

There is not any predefined winning strategy in GlobStrat Business games.

The success of a team will depend on many determinants: the configuration of the industry (different from one simulation to another), the economic scenario generating the environment (markets life cycles, innovation speed), the coherence of the firm’s strategy and the alignment of its implementation, given competitors’ strategies…
The final debriefing will be dedicated to the explanation of the comparative performances of the competitors, with the help of a unique debriefing tool: GlobStrat signature.

GlobStrat Business Game strategic models

GlobStrat was built over the last decades by Daniel PAUL, a Professor of Strategic Management, taking into account the concepts and models that emerged from strategy theory and practice:

  • Competitive Advantage theory

  • Resources-based theory

  • Globalization and Strategic Alliances theories

  • Business Model and Coherence Premium theories

  • Sustainability and CSR theories, Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) theories.

GlobStrat Business Model.FB.jpeg

    Glob Strat business game

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