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Strategic Value Proposition

The economic engine of GlobStrat Business Games are based on a long-term development logic. Its reactions do comply to the strategic rationality taught in the best strategy textbooks:

There is not any predefined winning strategy in GlobStrat Business games.

The success of a team will depend on many determinants: the configuration of the industry (different from one simulation to another), the economic scenario generating the environment (markets life cycles, innovation speed), the coherence of the firm’s strategy and the alignment of its implementation, given competitors’ strategies…
The final debriefing will be dedicated to the explanation of the comparative performances of the competitors, with the help of a unique debriefing tool: GlobStrat signature.

GlobStrat was built over the last decades by Daniel PAUL, a Professor of Strategic Management, taking into account the concepts and models that emerged from strategy theory and practice:

  • Competitive Advantage theory

  • Resources-based theory

  • Globalization and Strategic Alliances theories

  • Business Model and Coherence Premium theories

  • Sustainability and CSR theories, Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) theories.

GlobStrat Business Game

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