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Instructors: Login, Documentation, Training

Qualified GlobStrat Business Game instructors who already have an instructor account can directly access their account and the instructor interface.

The GlobStrat Instructor Interface will:
    Display available training documentation,
    Give them access to the follow-up of the simulations they are involved in,
    Enable them to manage the assignment of participants in teams,
    Access to the order form for new simulations.

GlobStrat Business Game instructors' interface


  • Business Game Brochure (Site abstract / 4 pages)

  • Business Game Syllabus

  • Video presenting Globstrat's Value Proposition

Instructors' training Process

Your GlobStrat Business Game instructor training can be done online, at your convenience, free of charge.

This training process is designed to transfer to the new instructor the qualifications required to conduct a GlobStrat simulation. This is achieved through 9 steps of a few minutes each, consisting of videos, documents and a Free-Trial where you compete against virtual competitors, according to your own timing.

We recommend the following steps:

GlobStrat Business Games (video 10’): presentation of GlobStrat simulations
GlobStrat: Introduction (video 10’): general overview
GlobStrat: Reading the User Guide (Pdf 30’)                                            
GlobStrat: Strategy Definition (video 10’): GlobStrat’s strategic options
GlobStrat: Tutorial - Overview (video 10’): interface presentation
GlobStrat: Tutorial - Decision process (video 10’): decision making process
GlobStrat: Tutorial - Annual Diagnosis (video 10’): available informations           
GlobStrat Free-trial: 4 rounds, on line, solo training, 30’ per round.            
GlobStrat: Reading the Instructor Guide (Pdf 30’)  

Become a qualified GlobStrat instructor
Attention ! This training process is reserved to teachers related to an institution. If you are a student, a training process will be available, through your participant’s account, when registered in a Globstrat Simulation.

GlobStrat academic pricing: from 30 to 45€ / Student

GlobStrat licenses are used by academic institutions, for students, and by higher education institutions and companies, for executives. They can be used either in a classical course for students or in an executive training program.

GlobStrat Academy's pricing policy allows student programs a large discount based on the number of simulations ordered each year by the institution.

This policy aims to give most business students around the world the opportunity to access a first-rate strategic simulation at the lowest possible price for them (or for the institution), by reducing the cost per student down to €30 for GlobStrat_Business and a minimum of 20 students per simulation.

Instructors ' Support

Whatever your need or your problem, we will be here to help, 24 / 7

Activate the support button on the right and tell us more.

Ordering a new simulation

If you are already a qualified instructor, order a simulation directly from your instructor's interface, through your Instructor's login, available at the top of this page.

This form will send GlobStrat Academy a request for creating a simulation corresponding to your needs. If you want a quote, please specify. The simulations will be opened as soon as we receive an ordering confirmation or a payment.

If you don't have a GlobStrat account yet, please use the contact form below to define your need and ask for a quote.

GlobStrat Business Game

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